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During a time when people who were not white were not allowed, or enabled, to excel in sport or education, the determined residents of places such as South End continued to fight for their rights and abilities as human beings. While education was expensive, and sport limited, this community continued to South End Museum Wall Of Famepersevere in their endeavours to succeed in such fields.

The South End Museum pays homage to the men and women who displayed such determination by displays like the Wall of Fame. This is a display in dedication to all of those people of colour who surpassed expectations and excelled in their sport. In fact, those who are displayed on this wall are those sportsmen and –women who would have achieved regional or national awards if given the opportunity. While many of these people hailed from South End, the achievers of this time were not limited to this community and South End Museum acknowledges and praises all who fought against massive adversity to excel in their field.

The Wall of Fame Exhibition on 29 July 2006 was opened and everyone welcomed by Mr Heynes. Mr Grootboom, the Senior Manager of Museums and Heritage, gave the Provincial Museum Message, while the Keynote Address was given by Mrs Noxolo Abraham-Ntantiso. Ms Mpola, the Senior Manager at the Nelson Mandela Metro District then handed over the DSRAC Shield.

Sports ExhibitionMr Agherdien, one of the trustees at South End Museum, wrote a touching poem for this exhibition and its words continue to resound in the minds and hearts of those who attended:

Forgotten heroes all, and ten feet tall,

Boeta Kay, Scotty, Carly Simon and many, many more

No trumpets to herald their deeds with bat and ball,

No TV, radio or newspaper to record their sporting lore

Men and women of steel, passion and skill incredible

From South End they came, young, bold and unforgettable.

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